Job Seeker

Not at all. We cater to all types of people with different circumstances and will work to the activity test requirements as stated by Centrelink.

Let us help you. We cater to all walks of life and have a range of services, resources and helpful tips on offer, which can assist you in overcoming some of the barriers to finding work.

No. Unlike recruiters we’re a free service to employers and job seekers. We work in conjunction with the Department of Human Services (Centrelink) to assist people in finding employment.

Yes you do! Any type of work equips you with a range of skills. Your skills could include things like handling money, customer service and taking orders. MAX will assist you in making sure your work experience is highlighted in the best way to attract potential employers.

The Department of Human Services (Centrelink) has assessed you to be eligible to seek and gain employment. You’ve been booked in for an initial appointment with us to get you started on your return to work.