Our Promise


We promise to give you the right information, advice and support to find a job and get you on the road to independence, security and success.

We promise respect:

When it comes to finding a job, we've all experienced the ups and downs, even our own team. We understand and we're not here to judge you, we're simply here to lend a hand.

We promise privacy:

The MAX Connect website stores your personal information in a secure format that only you and MAX Employment consultants can access. You can read about our Privacy Policy here.

We promise to live by our values:

We call it "The Max Way" and it goes roughly as follows
(Values Video: http://maxsolutions.com.au/about-us/our-vision-values.aspx)

  1. We're Active – We get out and about and talk to employers in your community.
  2. We're Empowering – Everyone has the potential to achieve what they want.
  3. We're Driven – We're always looking ahead to achieve your goals.
  4. We're Responsible – Our integrity is everything.
  5. We’re Connected – We take the time to understand you and your goals.

We promise personalised attention & support:

First we develop a job plan suited to your specific skills, interests and health needs. And once you've found a job, our work doesn't stop – we work with your employer to manage their expectations, providing you with ongoing feedback.

Last but not least, we promise to always be available to support you – on the phone, online or by visiting your workplace. It's all about ensuring you can perform at your best!