Your Promise


Let's agree to help each other from the outset. Your consultant will need to discuss your requirements in full detail at your individual appointment, and your willingness to be open and honest is very much appreciated.

You'll need to

  1. Get to your appointments with MAX on time or let us know beforehand if you are unable to attend or going to be late
  2. Attend all the job interviews that have been set up for you
  3. Make your best effort to try and secure a job from those interviews
  4. Accept any suitable jobs that have been offered to you

Newstart, Youth, Parental & Work for the Dole Requirements:

  1. You'll need to do your part to satisfy Government requirements
  2. You'll need to take part in activities assigned to you

Promise to keep us in the loop:

  1. Let us know if your income changes
  2. Keep your Centrelink account up to date through the myGov portal
  3. Consider using the Express Plus app
  4. Remember to phone 13 EARN (133 276) on your reporting day if required

Help us to help you. When you provide us with the right information, we can give you the right advice and support.