Get ready to apply

There’s more to applying for jobs than you might initially realise. Here’s a checklist of things to help you when applying.

Make a wish list

Start by writing down who your dream employer would be. If you're not sure, make a list of the industries you would like to work in then start listing some businesses in those industries. This template can help you start making your own wish-list of places you would like to work.

Make a short list

After you've made a list of all the places you would like to work, select five that you want to contact first. They say getting started is the hardest bit, so bite off one little bit at a time!

Find out details of contacts

You've finished your list and selected the first five you want to have a chat to. Now it's time to dig in to the companies you want to work for. Check out their website and find the details of the hiring manager in the department you want to work for. If they don't seem to have a website (and this is okay, many businesses rely on word-of-mouth), call the main line and ask who is charge.

Search for job ads

If you don't have a particular industry, business or job in mind, then browsing job boards such as SEEK or MyCareer can give you some inspiration. Use these websites to browse through jobs you may be interested in, if you see one you like the look of, apply!

It's important to remember the 'hidden job market' as well. Many available jobs aren't advertised, so keep an ear out for vacancies - family or friends may let you know about an available job.

Send introductory emails or complete applications

Now it's time to prepare that stellar introductory email or phone call to these companies. Remember: DO NOT be generic - tailor each email or phone call to mention the specific company name or industry to make it more personal. Not sure what to say! These scripts can give you some ideas...


Before you send your applications and emails, check them over and get someone else to read them to check for errors.

Update social media profiles

Is your profile picture one of you on a boozy night out? Time to take it down. Chances are your potential employer will do a search for you on Facebook or LinkedIn, so keep it professional.

Make sure your LinkedIn profile matches your resume as well, if it doesn't it might seem like you've made something up or missed something out on your resume.


Create a Twitter or Facebook page that is dedicated to your job search, then follow and interact with people and companies in your industry.


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