How to get a job in high school

How can you find a job while you're still in high school?

Before you start applying for your first job, stop and plan ahead. Think about how you will juggle school with a part-time job. If you're still unsure, here are some FAQ's about working during school.

Should I do a school based traineeship?

Ask your teachers or school guidance counsellors to find out what school-based traineeships are available to you. Traineeships can be super helpful in developing work skills and won't cause too much disruption to your studies. Bonus: a traineeship through school can go towards you senior school qualification, and you can get paid while you're doing it.

What are the benefits of getting a job in high school?

  • You can develop better people skills

  • You gain confidence when talking to people

  • You develop independence and learn to complete tasks without relying on others

  • You develop maturity as you learn to do things for yourself  

What will a job teach you throughout high school?

A job will give you a lot of experience for your future, and gives you a taste of what you may want to do (or want to avoid!) in your future career.

You'll also develop skills in commitment, responsibility and time management (which are all skills you can add to your resume!). Being given a wage and handling your own money can also teach you how to spend your money wisely and how to save.

How do I start looking for a job?

  • Don't be shy and let the people around you know you're searching 

  • Start close to home (look locally before going somewhere further from home)

  • Write a resume to hand into the places you may be interested in

  • Bounce ideas off your guidance officer

  • Job search online (e.g. use social media and/or job seeking websites)

  • Check out the Job Jumpstart website

How do I get started on a resume?

  • Review resume examples (use Google or a family member who has some experience)

  • Ask your guardian/parent to help you start a resume 

  • Include past work experience (volunteering counts as work experience!)

  • Mention your achievements inside/outside of school 

  • List your skills

  • Add a little information about yourself (e.g. interests & hobbies)

A final word

Make sure you hand in your resume to more than one place. Although you may not get the first job right away, don't stop trying. Go to local business and stores around your area to see if they are hiring. If they're not, you can always leave a copy of your resume with them to give them options when an available space opens up.

Move around and try all different options. You never know what will be the best fit for you. All opportunities are great to take on board!


Time management is a must when wanting a job and having an average of a C level to still be passing school.


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