How to job hunt over the holidays

The festive season: it’s the time when companies wind down (or close for the break) and people kick up their feet.

So what do you do if you’re still searching for a job?

It can be frustrating going into the holiday break without the promise of work in the New Year. But don’t despair, there are still plenty of things you can do to ease your stresses over Christmas.

1. Update your resume

When you’re madly applying for jobs, it can be easy to forget to update your resume with other achievements or experience you’ve gained throughout the year. Take a breath, slow down, and look back over your resume. You may find there’s a simpler way to structure it, or you’ve gained new skills over the past few months. Your career goals may have even changed direction, so now is a great time to update your resume to reflect that!

2. Reconnect with your contacts 

Touching base with an old colleague or boss that you haven’t spoken to in a while can be awkward, but a cheery holiday card or email can be a great excuse to catch up and mention you’re on the hunt for work. The more people you tell, the more chance you have of landing something!

3. Make a list of potential contacts

While it’s true the jobs board may slow a little during the Christmas break, that doesn’t mean you can’t make some headway and get the ball rolling. Make a list of companies you want to work for, and search online for the best person to contact within that company.

4. Practice interview skills

YouTube is a goldmine for brushing up on interview skills. Take a look at some videos of what questions you may be asked in an interview. You can get an idea of how you would respond to certain questions and scenarios.

5. Relax and be merry!

The biggest hurdle to overcome during the job search is your mindset! Soak in the Christmas joy and relax a little. Job searching is stressful and you deserve a break as well. Don’t stress too much over the Christmas period (easier said than done, we know), because you WILL find a job in 2017. So relax, prepare as much as you can, and take a little time to yourself so you can come back to the job hunt re-energized and ready to go!

Job-searching over the holidays doesn't always mean applying for jobs. Get organised, relax and prepare to smash it in 2017!


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