Recent graduate? Here's how to find work

After years of study, you’ve finally got a piece of paper saying you’re qualified. So now what?

If you’re struggling to find a job after graduation, here’s what you can do:


It's not a traditional job site, but it can be valuable when properly used. Connect with people in the industry you’re looking to crack in to. Check out our blog on setting up your LinkedIn profile.


By far the most popular job-search site. Typing in ‘grad’, ‘graduate’ or ‘intern’ can yield heaps of results.

Job Jumpstart

Job Jumpstart is a great department resource that helps you combine practical activities with your study to maximise your job opportunity.

Use admin as a stepping-stone

It’s amazing how many people started their careers in admin and have worked their way to the job they want. Look for companies in your selected field that are hiring administration, reception and clerical staff. 

If you land a job in reception, make sure your employer knows about your interest in the field. Keep reminding them, ask them if anyone needs help with their work, and when a position opens up you’ll be the first person they consider! 

Look for internships

Internships are a great way to build experience and make you more competitive in the job market. The bonus is you can make industry contacts!

Use your personal networks

Tell anybody and everybody you’re looking for a job in your field. We’ve all been there, we know what it’s like to be on the job hunt. If you never ask, you’ll never know who might be the one to say “hey, my friend’s business is looking for someone like you!”

Completed a uni placement? Ask them for advice

Contact the organisation that you completed placement with. Start off with thanking them for the experience, tell them you’re after more work just like it, and ask them if they have any jobs going, or know of any other companies that are looking.

Talk to your uni lecturers and tutors 

Uni’s are a goldmine of industry professionals and they all have connections. Your lecturers and tutors want to see you succeed, so chances are they’ll be working as hard as you to find you a job!

For more info and some interesting stats and facts, check out the 2016 Graduate Salaries Report.


The most important thing as a graduate is to never give up! You may not find a job in your industry the way you thought you would, but you WILL get there!


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