Salary Spotlight: Brisbane

If you live in Queensland, you’re aware of benefits including great weather, wide open spaces and a laid back vibe.

The other great thing about living in Queensland is job opportunity and growing salaries.

Below lists Brisbane salary trends and uncover jobs on the rise in Brisbane. 

Average Brisbane Salary: 

(Figures from SEEK)

$80,810. This is a slight decrease from the past five years but has remained strong overall. 

Highest paying jobs in Brisbane:

1. Engineering – up to $139,002  
2. Mining Resources and Energy Management – up to $138,309 
3. Mining Resources and Energy Power Generation and Distribution – up to $130,887  
4. Healthcare and Medical – up to $130,854  
5. Mining Resources and Energy Engineering and Maintenance – up to $130,557

Salaries on the increase in Brisbane: 

Insurance and Superannuation

Average Salary: $79,791 
Growth: 47%
Competition for roles: Low

Science and Technology

Average Salary: $88,333 
Growth: 40%
Competition for roles: Low

Government and Defence

Average Salary: $128, 571
Competition for roles: Very Low 
Growth: 30%

Fastest growing industry in Brisbane: 

Insurance and Superannuation  

Salary snapshot, all QLD

Cairns and Far North: $73,181 
Sunshine Coast: $72,100
Brisbane: $80,810
Gold Coast: $69,526 

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Superannuation is the fastest growing industry in Brisbane with 47% growth in the last 5 years.


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