This will help you kick start your new job

Found your own job? Congrats!

Many job seekers registered for employment services end up finding their own job. If this is you, well done! We can help you kick start your new job with:

  • Work or safety clothing
  • Workplace tickets (like White Cards or Forklift Licences)
  • Train, tram or bus passes OR a petrol card to help you get to work

Remember that eligibility criteria applies, so chat to your MAX consultant to find out more.

If you never ask you'll never know, so give us a call on 1800 625 350. Remember you can visit us any time for advice, or to use our free Wi-Fi, computers, phones and printer/copier.


Still searching for work?

That's okay, we're here to help. Talk to your MAX consultant if you're struggling in your job search, or check out these handy resources:

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Don't forget! You can visit us anytime to use the free Wi-Fi, computers, phones and printer/copier!


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